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Stargazer Netwrk System
IoT Pratform
    - The system management depends on the server now.
     By making the system management function on the terminal / gateway side, it is possible to
     autonomously real-time control and monitor.

    - The existing system controls the remote monitoring via a server.
     By simply connecting "Stargazer Network System" to the existing system, you can grasp
     the operating status of the sensor on the system in real time on the spot.

    - Because the Gateway side performs primary processing, not only sensor control and monitor is processed in real time,
     and also the entire system can be controlled independently.
     Moreover, as a whole infrastructure, it is important not only to reduce the burden on the cloud side
      but also to dramatically reduce the load on the Internet line.

    - Until now, when the system change occurred, the response at the cloud server side was the lead,
     so it took a huge change and cost.
     "Stargazer Network" changes the local system, so you can respond flexibly and cheaply.

    - On the cloud side concentrate on analyzing big data based on all data.
     On the terminal / gateway side focus on carrying out quick detection of outliers.

    - By installing the link buffer function on the terminal side, it is possible to prevent the entire system
     from enlarging the database.
     On the cloud server side safely handle large amounts of data.
M Tronic Engine
   MEB Solution
    - "M Tronic Engine" has a configuration that can freely change the combination of functional blocks.
     It can respond flexibly according to customer's needs.
    - Therefore, it can correspond easily to the increase / decrease of the equipment and change from the installed menu screen.
    - There is no need to be conscious of individual troublesome settings, node configuration management and network settings.
    - With built-in management software, it is possible to manage and control all nodes in the network.
    - WEP, WPA standard, AES compliant and IEEE 802.1x authentication.
    - It has affinity with commercially available switches, routers and servers and can easily be added to existing
     wired connection equipment.
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