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Our Technology
Next-Generation System Design
System Cost Efficiencies with Technology
    Existing change of network often increase considerable
    problem and result in poor first introduction resolution, amid the
    lack of technological ability to see the entire system.
    Moreover, leveraging mobile applications and network platforms
    for timely resolution of IoT issues has become a business imperative.
    The rising complexity of IoT network and end users’ demands for
    a stable communication have necessitated the adoption of
    a next-gen system technology.

   MEB Solution
    Network Construction
    Increasing data capacity and new network design require advanced
    technical capabilities.
    We will utilize existing resources efficiently and efficiently to support
    the construction of high quality low cost networks.

    Embedded Technology
    Utilizing optimal Chip Set / Module / Device, it integrates with
    own company's system to realize high performance.

    Application Technology
    We use standardized architectures and tools from mobile to cloud,
    Web, package software, to guarantee the quality of the entire
    application portfolio.
Embedded System Development
To create a new value
    In order to reduce the time-to-market for IoT network, OEMs need to ensure shorter release cycles for
    embedded software.
    Manufacturers have to comply with strict industry standards, emphasizing the importance of quality
    assurance in software development.
    However, debugging multi-threaded, multi-core software is time consuming due to suboptimal, manual
    quality control procedures.
   MEB Solution
    It increases collaboration between spec and development teams, identifies complex concurrency issues
    in multi-core architectures in a quick and effect manner.
    It has the following features:
     - Improve specifications quality: Identify specifications defects early on in the development lifecycle.
     - Minimize testing effort: Automate complex and time-consuming quality control processes.
     - Ensure compliance: Adhere to strict industry software development guidelines.
     - Reduce quality-related costs: Optimize cost of quality and avoid product recall.
   Development Achievement
OS Linux (Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu) / μITRON / μCTRON / Symbian / Android / iOS
Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32bit/64bit) / Windows CE / Solaris(SPARC/x86)  etc…
Development Language C / C++ / C# / Java / Android / VB / VB.NET / Visual C++ / PHP / Ruby / Python
Objective-C  etc…
Development Environment IAR Embedded Workbench IDE / VisualStudio 6.0 , 2005 , 2008 , 2010 / Eclipse
X-Code  etc…
Supported formats H.264 (Mpeg-4 AVC) / Mpeg-4 / H.263 / WMV / WMA / MP3 / AAC  etc…
Compatible Models Movie Player・Recorder / Music Player・Recorder / content(Movie/Music)
Streaming Player / Video conference system /Display Image-edit   etc…
Processor Broadcom / Atheros / Marvell / GainSpan / ADI / Ti / QUALCOMM / SH-Mobile
OMAP / XScale / ST / RadioPulse  etc…
Wireless Communication LSI Wireless LAN (802.11) / ZigBee (802.15.4) / Bluetooth / BLE / 920MHz / W-SIM
Software Development Kit ZigBee Platform
Bluetooth / BLE Platform
  Station / Acess Point / Wi-Fi Direct / Multihop Wireless
  Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) / Software Enco-Decode
Telecommunications Standard / Potocol
  IEEE 802.11 / IEEE 802.15.4 / IEEE 802.3 / 3GPP / TCP/IP / HTTP・HTTPS / RSTP
RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485   etc…
Sensing Technology / streaming / Quality of Service etc…
Research and Development
Extract optimum performance
    In order to reduce the total cost of system development, it is necessary
    to thoroughly tackle improvement of all parts and system structure.
    Software development is usually the most expensive process in
    developing custom solutions.
    In hardware development, it is necessary to consider the performance
    of modules and parts, and also consider power saving.
    From hardware and software structure and multidirectional of
    development language, we need to consider simpler and more
    efficient design.

   MEB Solution
    Low cost realization
    By choosing M Tronic, the design team can save development costs.
    With M Tronic you do not have to develop it from scratch because
    the necessary base software has already been set up to build
    the system.

    Shorter development period
    It is development only of the difference between the basic
    specification prepared by M Tronic and the customer's required
    Because we can reduce the development period and advance
    the design process more efficiently, we will be able to develop final
    prototypes and final products in a short period of time.

    Energy saving design
    M Tronic can draw out power consumption and performance
    in a well-balanced manner.

    Simple structural design
    In software design, we are implementing in development language
    suitable for each control processing, not only to reconstruct
    the structure but also to more efficiently implement functions
    so that it can flexibly deal with the expansion and change of
    functions.efficiently implement functions
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